FAQ – Tickets

Tickets from abroad

HOW TO BUY TICKETS FROM ABROAD?  E-tickets can be purchased through the Paylogic network. After purchasing, your E-ticket will be send to you by mail. E-tickets have to be exchanged at the Paylogic desks in front of the O2 arena before you access the O2 arena. You can purchase the E-Tickets HERE. For Golden Ticket holders, there are also garages available in the O2 arena for a fee 300 CZK (about 12 Euro). The parking card can be purchased on weekdays between 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the VIP box office at O2 arena (entrance 10). The capacity is limited.


ARE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ? Discounts are only available for group orders (20+) To apply for a group discount, you have to send an e-mail to transmission@unitedmusic.cz

Ticket prices

WHAT ARE THE TICKET PRICES ? You can decide your self the price you pay for your regular ticket, depending on when you want to buy your ticket. The regular tickets are sold in 5 price categories and the sooner you buy your ticket, the cheaper the ticket will be. Category 1 – SOLD OUT Category 2 – SOLD OUT Category 3 – SOLD OUT Category 4 – 56,00 Euro + Fees (5% discount) – NOW ON SALE Category 5 – 59,50 Euro + Fees Goldfingers VIP tickets – SOLD OUT Golden ticket – 179,50 Euro – NOW ON SALE

Fake Tickets

HOW CAN I SEE IF A TICKET IS FAKE ? It’s difficult to see if a Ticket is fake and it’s easy to make a copy or print an E-ticket more times however the barcode on the ticket can be used only once at the O2 arena entrance, therefore we strongly advise you to buy tickets directly through the official ticket sellers Ticketportal and Paylogic  to be 100% assured you own a valid ticket. Do not buy tickets on the black market to avoid disappointment. If you buy your ticket any other way than through the official channels, it’s your own responsibility and you have no guarantee that access will be allowed and no right to claim any compensation. (Besides the mentioned official ticket sellers, a limited amount of tickets is sold by our travel partners.)

Name on E-Ticket

DOES THE NAME ON THE TICKET NEED TO MATCH THE PERSON ENTERING THE O2 ARENA ? No, the name on the E-ticket does not need to match with the person entering the O2 arena. The barcode is what matters and what is checked.

FAQ – Transmission

Max Capacity

WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY ? The maximum capacity is 16.800 visitors in total out of which there are 13.700 tickets available for the main floor and 1st floor tribunes, 2.100 tickets available for the club floor and 1.000 tickets available for the skybox floor.

Sound Level

WHAT IS THE SOUND LEVEL DURING TRANSMISSION ? The sound level will be between 100 and 105 db. It’s strongly advised to wear earplugs.

Line Up + Theme

WHAT IS THE LINE UP AND THEME ? The theme for Transmission Prague 2017 will be announced very soon. On 25th November these DJs will perform: Aly & Fila, Driftmoon (The Ceremony of Warriors), Coming Soon!!!, Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella 2.0, Markus Schulz pres. Dakota, Purple Haze by Sander van Doorn, Simon Patterson, Super8 & Tab, Thomas Coastline (Warm-up DJ), Vision Impossible (VJs).

Time Table

WHAT IS THE TIME TABLE ? The Time Table will be announced on Wednesday, 22nd November.


WILL THERE BE TRANSMISSION MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT ? Yes, there will be various Transmission merchandise items available in the foyer on the north side of the arena. You can also buy Merchandise on-line in the Transmission Merchandise E-SHOP


IS THERE ANY PREPARTY ? Yes, the Preparty takes place on Friday 24th November. More information will be announced in September.

FAQ – Accommodation

Accommodation bookings

WHERE SHOULD I STAY DURING TRANSMISSION ? There are plenty of Hotels and Motels in Prague. We recommend to do your booking through Paylogic, our Hotel-packages supplier. More info you can find HERE.

FAQ – O2 arena

Opening times

WHAT IS THE OPENING TIME OF THE O2 ARENA ? The O2 arena gates open at 8 PM and the show ends at 6 AM.

Minimum age

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO ACCESS THE O2 ARENA ? The Minimum age is 18 years.

Not Allowed

WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED TO BRING IN AND TO WEAR AT TRANSMISSION? It’s prohibited to bring in your own food and drinks, drugs, LASER POINTERS, glass, aerosol sprays, cans, plastic pet bottles, sharp objects, and other objects that could threaten visitors of the event. Clothing with or other visible signs of physical appearance expressing explicit political and social movements and groups are prohibited as well.


WHAT IS THE ADDRESS OF THE O2 ARENA ? Českomoravská 17, Prague 9, 190 00

Transport to

HOW TO GET TO THE O2 ARENA ? Underground – Metro: By underground line B to Českomoravská station. The main entrance is located just a few meters outside the underground station exit (turn right outside the underground exit toward the bus station and Ocelářska Street. Tram: By a tram, take No. 8 or 25 and get off at Multiarena Praha. Bus: By bus, take one of the following buses: 251, 127, 158, 166, 259, 280, 302, 305, 348, 351, 354, 3, 66, 368, 375, 376 or 377 and get off at the Českomoravská station. Or take one of the following buses: 136, 145, 177 or 195 and get off at the Nádraží Libeň station. Train: • Travel to Hlavní Nádraží (Central Station) from there take the underground line C to Florenc, there change over to take the B line to Českomoravská station. • Travel to Masarykovo Nádraží (Masaryk train station) from there take underground line B and get off at Českomoravská station. • Travel to Smíchovské Nádraží (Smichov train station) from there take underground line B and get off at Českomoravská station. • Travel to Libeňské Nádraží (Liben train station) turn left and walk for about 500 m. You can also take the tram and get off at the Multiarena Praha station. Car: Drive to the Českomoravská in Prague 9 and you can park your car nearby the O2 arena in Parking House for 200 CZK (8 Euro).


HOW TO PAY IN THE O2 ARENA ? O2 arena accepts all payment methods – cash (CZK and Euro) and credit cards (also American Express). The ATM is located in the north foyer of the O2 arena. The rate of the CZK is approximately 23-25 CZK = 1 Euro. It’s possible to pay with Euros but please take notice that the conversion rate will be lower and the possible change will be returned in CZK. We suggest paying in CZK as it is more convenient for you.

Photo/Video camera's

CAN I BRING MY PHOTO/VIDEO CAMERA WITH ME ? Yes, you can bring your mobile or compact digital photo/video camera with you. Professional photo/video cameras (with interchangeable lenses) are only allowed for people who have received a special photo pass accreditation.


ARE THERE CLOAKROOMS OR LOCKERS AVAILABLE ? The cloakrooms are located on 4th floor where you can get by the escalators in the north foyer. The cloakroom is available for 50 CZK/2 euro. Lockers are available in a limited amount and can be rented for 200 CZK/10 euro. There has to paid a key deposit of 100 CZK/5 euro which will be returned after handing over the key. For VIP ticket holders is the cloackroom located on the ground floor behind the info stall and it’s for free.


HOW MANY TOILETS ARE AVAILABLE ? The O2 arena offers plenty of toilets which are available for free. For the VIP guests will be reserved restrooms on the main corridor at the west side near the VIP Lounge.


AM I ALLOWED TO SMOKE IN THE O2 ARENA ? Smoking of regular and e-cigarettes is not allowed in the O2 arena and only allowed outside the O2 arena. In case of breaking this rule, the security will warn the smoker and in case of repeated smoking, the visitor will be escorted out of the venue by either the O2 arena security or the Police of Czech Republic, without the chance of ticket compensation. 


IS THERE BARRIER-FREE ENTRANCE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ? There are barrier-free entrances for people with disabilities. The O2 Arena features a total of 48 seats for wheelchair users and their escorts. In use is sector 120 and 121, rows no. 20 and 21 , there is a platform for comfortable viewing of performances to in total sixteen wheelchair users and their escorts. The presence/transport of people with disabilities is specified in detail in the “Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities” available at the North info-reception desk of the Red Ring. People with disabilities can buy a ticket and will have a free ticket (1 CZK) for their escort.

Visiting Regulations

ARE THERE VISITING REGULATIONS ? Yes, there are. You can find them on the O2 arena website.
 If you have another question and you can’t find the answer on this website, please send an e-mail to info(at)unitedmusic.cz
You can apply for the press accreditation by sending us an e-mail through the section “Contact”. The press accreditations are always closing two weeks before the event.