The Transmix.

By 22/08/2013News

The Transmix one of the highlights of the night composed by The Thrillseekers
The Transmix is a pre-recorded mix of trance classics that runs on time-code which is filled with special effects, combined with spectacular laser shows and has a pre-programmed light show. The last years the Transmix was composed by our selves or by Vision Impossible but for the 10th edition The Thrilseekers will compose the Transmix.

For well over a decade, The Thrillseekers have been at the forefront of the world’s dance scene. From his first single ‘Synaesthesia’, through to the club anthems ‘Dreaming of You’, ‘NewLife’ and ‘By Your Side’, The Thrillseekers (Steve Helstrip) has been behind some of the most emotive, evocative electronic music, ever released. Get ready for one of the highlights of the night, The Transmix by Thrillseekers.