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Thomas Coastline makes a hat-trick on Transmission 21.11.2015

Why change something thats proven to be good already, therefore the Czech trance producer and DJ Thomas Coastline will return for the third year in a row as the warm up DJ for Transmission and with that he scores a solid hat-trick. Thomas started DJ’ing and producing when he was 16 years young and had his break through in 2008 with his track ‘After Hour’ which was a track, Armin van Buuren selected to play is his weekly radio show ‘A State of Trance’. Since then many more tracks have followed with highlights such as his track ‘Love Victims’ which was selected by Ministry of Sound to be included in the mix compilation ‘Trance Awards’ and his track ‘Ultra light’ to be selected by Blackhole recordings to include in the Search of Sunrise 9 compilation and one of  his latests tracks ‘Crossover’ is supported and played by many top DJ’s world wide. Besides DJ’ing and producing Thomas Coastline has his own radio show at For Transmission, Thomas Coastline will prepare a special warm up set to get you ready and in the right mood for the start of Transmission.