EUR 59,50

+ fees
  • Early purchase with 5% discount
  • Main floor and corridors access
  • 1st floor tribunes access
  • Main entrance
  • Travel packages HERE


EUR 115

+ fees
  • Luxurious GOLDFINGERS VIP TERRACE access
  • Main floor, 1st floor tribunes access
  • Reserved VIP toilets section
  • Fast Lane Access entrance nr. 1
  • Travel packages HERE


EUR 185

+ fees
  • Luxury Club Floor – the best view of the show
  • Main floor, 1st floor tribunes access
  • Food & Catering on the menu included
  • Fast Lane Access entrance nr. 9
  • Parking garages next to O2 arena

What are the Ticket price categories?

The regular ticket price is 59,50 Eur + fees but the sooner you decide to buy a ticket, a discount percentage applies. The regular tickets are sold in 4 categories:

Category 1 – Pre-Registration sale (Sold Out)
Category 2 – 52,50 Eur + fees (10% discount) (Sold Out)
Category 3 – 56 Eur + fees (5% discount) (Sold Out)
Category 4 – 59,50 Eur + fees

Goldfingers VIP ticket – 115 Eur + fees (Sold Out)

Golden ticket – 185 Eur + fees (Sold Out)


Are these the only options?

There is also a limited amount of VIP tables for 10 people on sale. For more info please send an e-mail to

Are there group order discounts?

For group orders (20+) there is a discount possible. For more info please send an e-mail to

How to buy a Golden Ticket and what is exactly included?

Golden Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online at Ticketportal. Golden Tickets allow you to access the luxury club floor of the venue with a free buffet, several giant bars, a free cloakroom and luxury seats. The free food will be selected from a menu to include a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Free beverages include beer, non-alcoholic beer, white and red wine, soft drinks (Cola, Light, Sprite, Fanta, Ice tea, Tonic), juice (orange, apple, grapefruit), sparkling and still water, coffee and tea. Liquors (vodka, whiskey, cognac, etc,) are served at the top shelf bar and are not included in the ticket price.

Can I return my ticket?

No, tickets are not refundable after the purchase.

Can I buy Travel Packages?

Travel packages will be added later and will be available here: PACKAGES.

When will I get my ticket?

If you buy an e-ticket through Paylogic, you will receive your ticket immediately by mail after thpurchase. If you order a ticket through Ticketportal, you can select the option ‘HOMEticket’ and you will receive an e-ticket by mail after your purchase and if you select the option ‘Personally’ you have to visit one of the Ticketportal ticket-sale points to pick up your ticket. If you buy a ticket at the venue or at one of the Ticketportal points of sale, you will receive your ticket immediately after purchase.